Building Wellness

Building Wellness is an original and exclusive concept, developed by the AG7 team, by celebrating and telling the story of a company that provides comfort and quality of life, through building wellness.

As AG7 signature, Building Wellness connects health, art and hospitality in innovative and sustainable housing, thus reinforcing its commitment to inspiring people to live well.

We don’t build properties, we develop wellness

We spend around 90% of our time inside built-up areas. In this context, the Building Wellness concept was designed based on six pillars that structure all AG7 real estate developments: Location, Exclusivity, Design, Sustainability, Health and Services.

In this way, we encourage our customers to adopt healthier habits, having at their fingertips the power to choose to perform small wellness actions and rituals every day.

Wellness is built detail by detail

Sustainability and biophilia within the concept of building wellness

Nature is a powerful source of well-being and AG7, as an exponent of this new way of living, has become a bureau of innovative and sustainable real estate developments. Its developments aim to cause low environmental impact, associated with the principles of healthy building, designing the experiences of each space, environment or area by holistically approaching the pillars of building wellness.

Attentive to sustainable trends and the search for a better connection between urban life and nature, it encompasses Biophilia, which means “love of living things.” In architecture, this translates into the use of natural materials, the use of natural light, cross ventilation and the omnipresence of plants that provide well-being. All AG7 developments include the best botanists in Latin America and the evolution of technology and design for the construction of evergreen facades.

AG7 as a health promoter

In partnership with Aloha Recovery, a physical care center specifically designed for high-performance athletes, AG7 is the master sponsor of the A-TEAM, a team of Brazilian triathletes with names such as Paulo Puccineli, Eduardo Lass, Fernanda Penkal, Raphael Mehl, Derik Afornali, Brasilio De Castro, Vini Jasper, Leandro Karam and José Lozzano.

Within this process of spaces that inspire a healthy lifestyle, the A-Team plays an important role in our developments in general, by providing evidence for the construction of real estate developments focused on physical well-being, where high-performance common areas are created and the practice of physical activities is encouraged.

Innovation contributing to a new way of living

Dr. Andressa Gulin, physician and wellness expert, has been Head of Innovation at AG7 since 2018 and offers a humanized, clinical and unique look at unique health experiences in every small detail, whether in the developments or at the AG7 office.

“Our spaces are built taking into account health and deliver pillars of architecture and design, devised to promote wellness sensations and behaviors, with exclusive types of materials used in their construction, taking full care to ensure that they are non-toxic and do not harm people’s health.”

The Wellness Lab – A complete housing ecosystem

Providing a unique experience for those seeking a lifestyle focused on health and well-being, the Wellness Lab is a pioneering initiative that offers wellness services to all residents of the AG7 developments.

With weekly yoga classes, monthly gastronomy classes, organization workshops and a reading club, it encourages a healthy behavior in people's routine with services and products that provide a practical biopsychosocial balance, without leaving home.

Inside-out wellness

Focusing on employer branding strategies, AG7 includes in its routine actions that reflect the concern to provide wellness to our employees, such as yoga classes, encouragement and promotion of therapies, decompression spaces and contact with nature.

For the community, organic fairs stimulating local commerce with the aim of valuing small producers in the region and generating greater awareness for the consumption of natural products, as well as partnerships with ecologically conscious brands.

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