ESG – Environment, Social and Governance

Sustainability as one of its pillars. The agenda increases with each real estate development, positioning AG7 at the forefront of green developments.

Wellness is built detail by detail and AG7 thinks of them all.

Each AG7 development can be defined as a connection between urban life and nature. Always seeking to cause the minimum environmental impact in each of the developments, it focuses on managing energy and water consumption, correct disposal of construction waste and the use of sustainable materials.

Actions carried out in favor of wellness, with architecture, engineering, landscape design, sustainability and other issues linked to the planning and development of cities show AG7's commitment to building a different future for real estate developments and for the planet.

In the first ESG Report prepared, it is possible to monitor the environmental, social and governance initiatives of 2021 and the goals for the next decade.

Acess and check out the material here.

Our sustainable development goals:

AG7 is committed to adopting the goals indicated by the IPCC Report for the Construction and Real Estate Market sector as a strategy to minimize the impacts of climate change. Therefore, in line with the country's reduction goals, we are committed to reducing our emissions by 43% by 2030.

In the current context, measures such as monitoring energy consumption, waste management, reducing the carbon footprint, diversity and inclusion developments are already adopted.

Sustainability Report

Learn more about the 2022/2023-1 Annual Sustainability Report.

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