Houses that connect urban life to nature

A tribute to wellness, sophistication and comfort. Designed by Studio Arthur Casas, responsible for iconic developments around the world, Icarus – Graciosa Gardens inaugurated the concept of houses with raised floors that became a trend and began to be used as a reference throughout the country. Its splendid vertical gardens, created by landscape designer Renata Tilli, do more than integrate nature into homes: they make it part of residents' lives.


Our developments are planned to offer a few versions of each floor plan, with a very small number of similar units, which can be customized according to the customer's desire, reflecting the lifestyle of residents who become owners of unique and exclusive apartments.


From the materials used to the impact they will have on the environment and the surrounding community, everything is thought of at Icarus – Graciosa Gardens to not only reduce the environmental impact, such as all self-sustainable biophilia and the reuse of rainwater, but to contribute for a better world.

Automated irrigation of flowering plants

Parking spaces for electric cars

Floor-to-ceiling frames allow greater sunlight and natural ventilation, create a more pleasant microclimate and offer greater thermal and acoustic comfort

LED lighting of common areas

Reuse of rainwater


From the choice of materials to biophilia, a common area with a heated swimming pool and lots of greenery, gym, sauna and priority natural light, living at Icarus – Graciosa Gardens means having a healthier life in every aspect of your daily life.

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