The PACE is the full materialization of well-being, where the resident is at the center and nature is their environment. A development over 160 meters high and 44 floors in a prime location. Wide balconies covered in green materialize an urban forest in the middle of the city, establishing an irreplicable connection with Barigui Park.


The structure of the real estate development was designed and built in the form of fragmented and overlapping blocks, each with its own unique language, dictating rhythms and offering housing solutions for all stages of life for the most demanding customers. PACE offers standard apartments with two to four suites and duplexes and penthouses with three to five suites.


Comprised of three overlapping blocks, each with a unique proposal, developed to serve residents at every moment of their lives. The names of the blocks were inspired by yoga concepts, following the idea of well-being that surrounds and permeates this and all AG7 developments.

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AG7 values respect for nature and, therefore, PACE is a project that contributes in every detail to environmental causes throughout the real estate development.

Bioclimatic Architecture

Rainwater Management Control

Efficient Water Use System

Efficient Solar Heating Sources

Automated Irrigation

Lighting Control Automation

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